A Few Halloween pics

Here are a few pics from the pumpkin patch that I never posted. I know they are a month old but I'm trying to play catch-up here.

Mason was not interested in taking pictures.

It's all my fault that my child's skin blends so nicely with these ghosts. I'm sorry Mason!

His favorite part was driving the tractor

Mimi is getting much better at taking artistic photos. This is a great shot!

Couldn't resist this photo-op. He didn't like it very much!

Happy Halloween!

Mason had a Happy 1st Halloween. I took the day off and we went to the pumpkin patch. I will post more of those pictures later, but here's one we took on the front porch tonight. He was so adorable in his costume. We didn't do much tonight, but still the best Halloween I've ever had! Mommy loves her little tiger!


UNT Eagles!

On Saturday we took Mason to the UNT homecoming parade. We showed him off to some old friends, watched the parade, but didn't stay for the game. Except for the loud horns, Mason enjoyed the parade. He even had girls on the floats, saying look at that cute baby and throwing him stuff (candy, footballs, beads, etc) . The girls are gonna love him...I think I'm in trouble.


Baby Shower

Robby & Kasie

Last weekend my mom and I hosted a baby shower for Robby, Kasie and baby Abigail. Kasie is due November 25th and they are very excited about the new baby. We can't wait to meet her!

Uncle Robby & Mason


Mimi & Mason


Mason's 4 month picture

Mason turned 4 monts old on 10-16-08 and is now interested in the basketball.

It was very difficult to get a picture this month. His hands are almost always in his mouth.

Daddy's Boy

Mommy's team lost so she was forced to post this picture...

This year Mason wore OU gear to the OU/TX game. Mason stayed on the RV with Mimi while Chris and I went to the game. When the game was over, Mimi brought Mason into the fair to meet us and he was wearing this. So, we decided that whoever won the game that is which team's stuff he would wear first the next year. You should've seen the confused look on people's faces when they saw me in my OU shirt carrying around a TEXAS baby!


I was born in Texas but I say...