Ready for the new baby....we think!

So, just a few days until our new little man will join us. I am scheduled for a c-section on Monday, June 14th at 7:30 in the morning. We have to be there at 5:30 AM and it takes us about 40 minutes to drive to Frisco! Yikes that is going to be super early but we are so ready to meet him! However this will be just the beginning of the early mornings coming my way...UGHH...I am sooo NOT looking forward to that part. Here are just a few pics of Landon's room that will be waiting for him when he comes home.

We decided on a transportation theme and found this cute car and airplane bedding. I'm not really the kind of gal that likes the pastel baby colors and wanted something that could grow with him. It has mostly red, orange, khaki, yellow, blue and brown. The furniture is espresso colored and we really just wanted something different than Mason's bed (which has the skinny slats that almost every crib these days has). So finding something a little different was very hard. The name and airplanes are a vinyl decal my mom found on Etsy. We painted the walls a neutral khaki color, too.

This is an idea I had with Mason's room that really worked for us. We put the changing pad on top of this bookshelf. The diapers are in the top bin and we just keep the wipes in one of the top cubbies. Functional storage...perfect!

This is a sign my mom found for the room. Super cute for these soon to be brothers!
Which reminds me... here is the other cool thing that will be waiting for Landon when he gets home...

A super cute...
super crazy...

and fiesty BIG BROTHER.
So might want to bring your boxing gloves with you and keep working on that right hook these last few days in mommy's tummy!

P.S. - Mason tried out your new swing for you, and
he thinks you're going to like it!
We can't wait to meet you, Landon!