Mason after his bath...sportin' his froggy towel. He absolutely loves bath time!



Such a sweet & innocent face.
How can you resist those "baby blues"?

These are Mason's first teeth. He doesn't like to show'em so here's your chance!


Mason is 8 months old

My little man is not a baby anymore...he 8 months going on 18. He's developed quite the little attitude and will certainly let you know when things are not going his way. Don't get me wrong he's mostly very good, but who knew someone so small could be so strong-minded!
He now has his first teeth...two came in on the bottom about 2 weeks ago. He is liking the baby food more and more every day...he loves all his veggies and will eat the occasional fruit...he likes peaches and pears. He has NO interest in real food of any kind...he doesn't even try to put it in his mouth, and when we put it there he usually turns his head or spits it out. Oh well be that way then.
He weighs about 18 pounds and is still very lean compared to most kids this age (most are chubby at this age and he is definitely not). I try to get him to eat...I promise. He isn't crawling yet, but he will get on all fours and rock a bit. If something is out of reach, he just rolls over a bunch of times until he gets there. Pretty clever I guess! He loves his walker and almost runs in this thing. He can turn it, reverse it and is always on the move or getting into something. We have really had to start baby-proofing for this reason. He has learned how to open drawers and cabinets in this walker...and who knew electrical outlets were so enticing either... even with the "plastic things" in them. With all the recent developments, "No" has officially joined our vocabulary. People, I am telling you he is going to be a handful...and it's only a matter of time... a short, very short amount of time!


Happy Valentine's Day

For Mason's 1st Valentine's Day we went to dinner at Alforno's, a small Italian restaurant in Flower Mound. We didn't get dressed-up or have a night on the town, but we enjoyed it. We let Mason have a spaghetti noodle, but he wasn't that interested in eating it...just playing with it. We got him a book for his first Valentine's Day gift. Chris got me a "Mommy" Valentine's card, flowers and a chocolate heart. It was very sweet!