Welcome to the world...

Addison Lea Griffin
8 pounds 3 oz.
20.5 inches


Mason is 10 months old

My little man is 10 months old. He is about 19 pounds (per the bathroom scale). He is still super tall. He is wearing 12 month clothes mostly because of the length. Size 3 diapers. He is pulling-up on everything and cruising around the furniture. He hasn't let go yet but it's only a matter of time. He crawls super fast and chases the dog most of the time. He is also a climber which could be sign of many injuries to come. He already likes to dive off the couch onto pillows...scary I know. The kid has NO fear. His favorite toys are balls of any size. He really loves basketballs and knows how to put them in his mini basketball goal. Yes...he is learning basketball at an early age. He has learned how to clap and wave bye-bye. He is curious about everything and is always exploring. He still only has two teeth. He is getting better about eating real foods and like most things he tries. He is a big fan of the macaroni & cheese baby food. Loves water and hates juice. He can feed himself too, which is great, but tries to put way too much food in his mouth. His new words are "bah" for ball, and "Mimi." He also likes to roar like a lion, he says "rah" really loud. He thinks it's funny. It is so fun to watch him learn new things, and he loves it when we clap when he has accomplished something. He has such a big personality for such a little person...and I love him so much!


Happy Easter EveryBunny!

Mason absolutely loved the Easter eggs. We had a small little hunt in our front yard and once he had them, he was not letting go. Mimi, Robby, Kasie and Abigail came over for lunch and Mimi brought them Easter baskets. Thanks Mimi for all the goodies and a great lunch!

Robby, Kasie & Abigail

Chris and Mason hunting Easter eggs.

Mason was very good at finding them

Abby and her new Abby Cadabby doll!