Mason is 9 months old

On March 16th, Mason turned 9 months old. He spent the day at the Tyler State Park with Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Robby, Aunt Kasie and cousin Abby. He even got to drive the boat with daddy like a big boy. The boy loves the steering wheel and smiles ear to ear any time he gets his hands on one.

Here's the latest on little Mason... He is crawling and now pulling-up on things. He gets around quite good and now is able to reach just about anything. He scares me on the tile, but I can't keep him from it...He is eating the baby food a lot better and is even starting to like small pieces of real food. He can drink from the sippy cup but hasn't quite figured out how to tilt it up to make it work...He loves playing peek-a-boo and throwing just about anything, especially small balls. It was very hard to get him to leave the basketball alone for the above picture. Who knew rolling the ball OFF the chair could be so fun!... He has learned how to stack objects and put them inside one another. Mimi has taught him how to put his toys back IN the basket which is good...I taught him a few weeks ago how to "high-five" and he picked-up on it very quickly. I'm now trying to teach him to give kisses, he gets it, but we're working on keeping the mouth closed...Gotta love the wet ones too I guess!...He kinda wiggles when music plays on his toys and it is so cute...He says "Mama" all the time and really wants his "Mama" most of the time....which is a wonderful feeling but can wear a mama out!...Just today he started grunting when he wanted down from the high-chair and grunted more when I didn't do it quickly. We had a little grunting war which he thought was funny... quite the little copy cat. He is a very inpatient littly guy and I'm 99.9% sure he gets that from his DADDY!

On Friday he went for his 9 month check-up.

Weight 17.7 pounds (10%), Height 29 inches (75%) and Head Circumference 18.3 inches (79%)

He's a long, skinny Jones boy...what else can you say. He gets the big BRAIN from his mama though!

I got to spend a lot of time with Mason this past week and it was wonderful. He is a busy body but so much fun. He is always trying to get his hands on something new. Learning all the time. I would do almost anything to see that smile or hear him laugh. He so sweet and loving too. Happy 9 months little man...I love ya!


Baby Jayci

My friend Jenny had her baby today. Baby Jayci joined the world a little early, weighing only 2 pounds 2 ounces. Based on the report I got, mom and baby are doing well. What a tiny blessing to a much deserved new mommy! Best wishes to the new mommy and hang in there little one!


Pray for a friend

I have a co-worker who is pregnant with her first baby. She is due in June and her pregnancy has been a difficult one. On Friday she was admitted to the hospital and placed on bed rest and given medications to prevent pre-term labor. They are doing all they can, to make sure that the baby doesn't come too early. She is a wonderful person who needs all the support and well wishes she can get right please say a prayer for my friend Jenny and baby Jayci.