Pray for a friend

I have a co-worker who is pregnant with her first baby. She is due in June and her pregnancy has been a difficult one. On Friday she was admitted to the hospital and placed on bed rest and given medications to prevent pre-term labor. They are doing all they can, to make sure that the baby doesn't come too early. She is a wonderful person who needs all the support and well wishes she can get right please say a prayer for my friend Jenny and baby Jayci.


tiffany said...

Your friend is in my prayers!

You're so sweet, Randi! We're not pregnant yet! Trying this summer :-) I was being silly in that post and managed to confuse A LOT of people! I'll definitely be announcing it better than that ;-)

BTW...would you like for me to do a blog layout for you? Don't know if you ever got my email.

Hope all is well! Mason is as precious as ever!!!

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