Mason on the Move

So do you know the saying "If you can't beat'em...join'em?" Well this is like that except it's "If you can't keep him still......take his picture anyway!" Mason is definitely the busiest person I know and he gets into EVERYTHING. He...unrolls toilet paper, opens drawers, pulls everything out of the drawers, puts crazy & random things in the drawers, sits IN the refrigerator, climbs on/under/through furniture, jumps on the couch, climbs up the playhouse, slides down the slide by himself, hits the dog with a plastic baseball bat, plays in the dog's food/water, climbs in his car "Dukes of Hazard" style (through the window), throws perfectly good food/cups/other objects in the trash, tries to climb in the bath tub (water or no water), picks up bugs/rocks/cigarette-butts off the ground then tries to eat'em, throws food from his high chair and then decides that maybe it tastes better off the floor (YUCK!), kicks/throws/hits every kind of ball you can think of, and he thinks EVERYTHING is a sword and then will attack you with such sword... And all of this stuff was just in the last few days! He definitely keeps us on our toes and there is no doubt this kid is all BOY!

Going down the slide in the backyard. (Crazy swimwear and crazy hair secondary to swimming pool just prior to photo)

Playing swords with cousin Lauren at the lake. Pieces of wood make great swords!

Climbing the stairs at the lake

High-fiving Gramps

Carrying his basketball. Check out the lean little body! So adorable!

Sitting in the fridge...I don't know why he does this!?!

Climbing through a bookshelf I bought for his room!


Florida Fun

We recently took a trip to Destin, Florida and invited our friends Jennifer & JR to come with us. We stayed in a condo that was actually in Miramar Beach. Mason stayed home with Mimi, Nana and Annie. They all took turns taking care of him. Although we missed him so much, it was amazing getting to sleep-in, go to the beach on a whim and eat nice dinners in peace. During our stay we mostly went to the beach, but also did some snorkeling and even rented a boat one day so we could check out "Crab Island." The condo was awesome, the white sand beaches were amazing, and the food was delicious. All in all... we had a fantastic time!

Jenn and I at Pompano Joe's the first night. This restaurant was right on the beach and across from where we were staying...first on the agenda...drinks!

The second night we went to Osaka, a local Japanese Steakhouse and sat at the Hibachi grill. Our cook was hilarious... "You want gravy Cowboy"

Chris and I on the beach. JR was our photographer.

Jennifer & JR at the Village of Baytowne Wharf inside the Sandestin Resort

The last day we were there the water was incredibly clear. Chris and JR spent a lot of time snorkeling. They say some large fish and a stingray!