Yep that's right... our cute little man smiled at us! I got out my camera just to take a few pictures... so Chris and I both were leaning over him and talking to him just trying to get him to look at the camera...and this is what we got instead. Not a smirk but a SMILE and we actually got several in a row, so I know it wasn't an accident. I am so excited he actually did it and that I had the camera out too! Isn't it adorable? I just keep saying ..."that is so CUTE!"


Pictures from the 4th of July

Here are a few pics I've been meaning to post from Chris' family reunion on July 4th & 5th. It was Mason's first overnight trip and first trip to the lake. He was just 2 1/2 weeks old.
Chris just had to take Mason in the boat. They didn't actually go out on the lake, but they did sit in it. I will say ... it made me a little nervous. Mason is sure to have many more chances to go out in the boat with daddy.

Uncle Chad and Aunt Falon were in from NYC. It was their first time to see baby Mason.

Proud Daddy

Uncle Kyle, Chris, Mason and Uncle Chad

Mason's 4th of July outfit... such a cutie!


Shopping will never be the same

So today my mom and I decided would try to load up Mason and go shopping. We started out the day going to Grapevine Mills Mall. We shopped very little and Mason cried...a lot! It's amazing how people stare at you when you have a crying baby. They either look at you like...awww that poor girl don't you feel sorry for her... can't you make that thing be quiet. The only time he was somewhat content was when we were in a children's clothing was like he knew we were shopping for he thought he'd let us have some time. Otherwise we were holding him, changing him, feeding him, scrambling for the pacifier, or just shaking our heads because we had no idea what was wrong. He didn't sleep not one single minute and we were gone like 7 hours. Man he better sleep tonight!


Sleep Deprived

I am tired! Yep I said it...I need sleep. Not just any sleep, but 4 to 5 continuous hours would be heaven. I really started doing the math... I've been telling everyone he wakes up about every 3 to 4 hours to eat which is true, BUT...if it takes me anywhere from 30-45 minutes to feed him, change his diaper (and sometimes his clothes), get him back to sleep and pump, then I've lost an hour and he'll be up again in 2 very short hours. Yuck!

Since I tend to vent on the few baby blogs I have posted, I want to share my "happy thoughts" too. I promise they are here, even at the wee hours of the morning.

It's so great to be a mom, and I think I'm getting better at it every day. I am definitely getting better at understanding his cries, it sounds crazy at first, but it's true they do differ a little. Mason is so strong...he can hold his head up very well and can almost roll over completely over if he really tries. He is very much a wiggle worm. He is also developing such a cute personality. He is cooing more and gazes back so deeply into your eyes when you look at him. I thought he smiled back at me today, but I'd have to see it again to be convinced. It'll be way more fun when he can smile. Mason is defiant too. He hates to be swaddled or covered-up at all...he just kicks them off. Oh and when he's hungry, he wants to eat right then. He does not want to wait! It has been totally amazing getting to know him over the last 5 weeks. I love him so much.....even if he doesn't sleep too long!


One month old

Wow how time flies, Mason is one month old today! I thought I would have posted many more blogs during this month but I have also been way busier and way more tired than I ever imagined. Mason is doing well. For July 4th we spent 5 days at Chris' parents lakehouse. They hosted a family reunion on Saturday the 5th, so we got to show Mason off to lots of people. On July 7th we took Mason back for his first check-up. He weighed exactly 8 pounds on that visit and had surpassed his birth weight like he was supposed to. The doctor said he looked great and that we were doing a good job. That was nice to hear of course. Otherwise Chris and I have spent the last few weeks tending to little Mason. Having Chris home with me has been so helpful. It has definitely not been easy and in fact very frustrating at times, but we love him. He wants to be held 24/7 which makes getting anything else done virtually impossible. They say you can't spoil a newborn, but I'm not entirely convinced. He keeps us very busy!