One month old

Wow how time flies, Mason is one month old today! I thought I would have posted many more blogs during this month but I have also been way busier and way more tired than I ever imagined. Mason is doing well. For July 4th we spent 5 days at Chris' parents lakehouse. They hosted a family reunion on Saturday the 5th, so we got to show Mason off to lots of people. On July 7th we took Mason back for his first check-up. He weighed exactly 8 pounds on that visit and had surpassed his birth weight like he was supposed to. The doctor said he looked great and that we were doing a good job. That was nice to hear of course. Otherwise Chris and I have spent the last few weeks tending to little Mason. Having Chris home with me has been so helpful. It has definitely not been easy and in fact very frustrating at times, but we love him. He wants to be held 24/7 which makes getting anything else done virtually impossible. They say you can't spoil a newborn, but I'm not entirely convinced. He keeps us very busy!


Jessica Hewitt said...

Oh, he is SO sweet! I'm sure you are doing an awesome job! I used to get very frustrated when Maya (our 1st) was little because I couldn't get anything done besides carry her around. An older mom friend of mine reminded me that this was my main job now (next to my hubby), and the sooner I realized that and just let other things go for awhile, the sooner my frustrations would fade. She was right. Enjoy this time while he's so little. I know it seems horrible at times, but you won't believe how fast it passes. Please give Mason a big kiss for me! :-)

Jordan and Courtney said...

The picture of him smiling is the cutest thing. He's so precious. Let us know what we can do to ease the frustration and stress. We can always run some errands for you.

We'll have to come over soon to see how the little man has grown.

Kasie :) said...

Yay for the update!

I love the pictures! We finally printed some of our pictures of Mason, and I have a very cute one of him and Uncle Robby from this past Sunday. Both are actually looking at me and not squinty eyed. I think that is a miracle in itself! We're going to frame it. I have a copy to give you next time I see you.