Mason Meets Santa

Mason met Santa for the first time on 11-30-08. We took him to the Bass Pro Shop to sit on Santa's lap. He didn't seem to mind at all. I don't think he had any idea what was going on. Abby got to meet Santa too. At the end of the day he was so tired!

Santa and Abigail
Meeting Santa is hard work!

Abby's photo shoot

Here are some pictures I took of my niece Abigail on 11-30-08. She was only 3 weeeks old.


Thanksgiving with the Jones'

We went to Chris' parents lake house for Thanksgiving. We shared the weekend with over a dozen family members and 4 dogs. The oven also broke at some point during the that definitely made things more interesting. The food was wonderful as always and I especially loved the annual family game of Pictionary. It was a wild weekend but a fun one!

Thanksgiving Family Photo

Relaxing at the Lake

Mason and Mommy

Chris (a.k.a. Daddy) and Mason

Mason out on the deck

We got to see our friend Lane. He was visiting his Nana who lives down the street from our Nana. Mason and Lane were born on the same day! Mason thought Lane's hand might taste better than his own, and Lane didn't seem to mind. It was adorable!

Mason and his Uncle Chad
We celebrated Chad's 27th b-day while we were at the lake too!
"Gangsta" Mason with his Aunt Falon

Gramps and Mason


Early Thanksgiving with Cousin Abby

Robby, Kasie, Abby and my mom came over to our house on 11-22-08 to celebrate Thanksgiving a little early. My mom made all our was delicious! We mostly just sat around and played with the babies.


5 months old

Here is Mason's 5 month picture!
He's getting so big! He's sitting-up with very litle help, eating rice cereal and squirming all over the place. He wears size 2 diapers and needs the 6 month clothes mostly for the length. He's very tall! He grabs anything within reach and often it goes in the mouth. He drools non-stop but no teeth yet! He is a very happy baby and loves to be held...he gets his way most of the time!

Excited about Christmas

We actually put our tree up on 11-16-08. Christmas is a big deal around the Jones household. Mason helped me put his ornament on the tree and really enjoyed grabbing the tree. Mason was super excited about Christmas too...can you tell?

Mason blowing bubbles and his new trick...sticking out his tongue!

Happy Hat

Mimi loves to buy Mason hats, so she put this one on him. We think he liked it!





Mason hanging out

Mason loves hanging out on the couch, and he knows to smile big for the camera.

Mason likes to put his feet in his mouth. It's hilarious and amazing!


Visiting Baby Abby

Here are a few pictures of Mason from the day his cousin Abigail was born.

Chris and Mason

Poppy and Mason

Mason meeting Abby for the first time!


My niece is here!

Abigail Roden

7 lb. 3 oz.

20 in.

Born at 9:59 am