Camping Trip

As promised here are a few pics from our one-night camping trip this past weekend. Chris really wanted to take Robby and Kasie camping and go fishing too, so we did. We really wanted to go to Tyler State Park, but they were full. So we stayed at the Lake Bob Sandlin State Park. It was a nice campsite with lots of trees. It was fun watching Chris and Robby put up the tents. I for some stupid reason did not get a picture of the very HUGE tent Chris bought, but let's just say you can easily stand inside of it. Saturday we fished some and then came back and roasted hot dogs and made smores. Yum! Sunday we fished too! Everyone caught a fish at some point during the weekend so that was good. The weather was wonderful and we were even HOT at some points on Sunday in the boat. Probably won't do any more camping or fishing before the baby comes, but I'm sure Chris will. Overall we had a good time, but it was a lot of work for only one night!


Kasie said...

Yay camping! Way too fun. I think that you understated the ginormousness (yes, I just made up a word) of the Magellan! It was the size of a small apartment. :)

Whitney said...

Camping...always a lot of fun!