My little Mason

On Friday, we went for a 3D/4D sonogram to try to see baby Mason. It was really neat and kinda weird all at the same time. He was actually turned in such a way that the pictures weren't great. He also had tons of umbilical cord near his face that also made it difficult to see his CUTE face. He yawned a lot and he's definitely a BOY... he didn't mind showing us that part of his body. He also appears to have my nose! Chris, my mom, my dad, Robby and Kasie were all there for the show. The lady who did it was very nice and tried for a long time to get better pictures. She actually scheduled me for another one in 2 weeks for free in order to try to get some better ones. So I'm glad I'll get to see HIM again really soon!

We also went camping with Robby and Kasie this weekend. I'll post about that later this week. Until then enjoy this adorable picture of Mason!


Jordan and Courtney said...

He's so cute and innocent. I look forward to seeing the other pictures in a few weeks.

Whitney said...

This is very touching and beautiful! thank you for sharing :)