Baby Goodies

It's been too long since I've blogged...I know. I have been so busy with work and getting the house ready for the baby. Luckily I have tons of new stuff to fill the babies room and closet. I will eventually post everything people have given or sent me on here...but believe me it will take a while.

Last Friday, they had a shower for me at work. We played some fun games and had cake too. Mason got lots of really adorable clothes, diapers and other goodies. It was nice that everyone stayed and celebrated with me. I truly enjoy everyone I work with. They are genuinely great people. Check out the stuff I got.

I have also had a OB visit since I last wrote. I went on Monday (5/19) and everything was fine with the baby. She "checked" me and said that I was not dilated and still "closed" but that I was 50% effaced which I guess is some progress. On a side note...I had a couple people tell me the "check" would be uncomfortable...but can I just say, WOW what an understatement! It was flat out painful, but I suppose that should start to prepare me for the pain to come... I'm gonna try not to think about it for now!


Tiffany said...

Mason is spoiled already :)
I'm so happy for you, Randi!

Can't wait to see pics of the lil' guy!

Take care~

PS...the offer still stands if you ever want me to do a blog layout for you! I just did Sarah's :)