The latest news

Well I had my weekly OB appointment yesterday and she said I am a "fingertip" dilated. Last time I checked that's not an actual number. Since last week I was zero...I guess she thought maybe if she said I was a "fingertip" that I might feel like I was making some progress. I know better. I also know that he has not dropped much because this "checking" business still really hurts. She did say she thought he was in the right position and currently between 7 and 7 1/2 pounds. I'd prefer he not be much bigger than that. I go back next Thursday and we may be talking induction at that point, if nothing happens between now and then.

Chris' youngest brother Chad is in from New York City this weekend. We totally suprised his parents by asking them to come see us and suprising them with Chad being here. It was hilarious. He also shared the news with them at dinner, that he had gotten a promotion within his company and will be moving back to Texas. His parents couldn't decided if he was being serious or not. That too was quite funny. His mom thought we were playing some cruel joke on her. It is true, and we are so excited Chad and Falon will be close by to see baby Mason a lot more often. Maybe we could even talk them into baby-sitting once or twice.


Jessica Hewitt said...

Hey, Randi! I'm sure you are so anxious for Mason to arrive. I remember the feeling of thinking the baby will NEVER come. I will encourage you that the bigger the baby is when he arrives, the quicker he will sleep longer stretches at night. Don't know if that encourages you or not, but hopefully it will help push you through some of the last miserable days. I'll be praying for a safe delivery. :-)