Mason is 11 months old

This past month Mason has become quite entertaining. He loves to clap, especially for himself and anything he accomplishes. He really loves it when a bunch of people watch him do something and then all clap for him...he claps too. He can turn off the lights, open and close anything with hinges (he loves to shut the microwave door). He really likes pushing buttons and playing with the little spring door stops (what an annoying sound!)

He is standing in place without holding onto anything and can even stand-up without pulling-up on anything. He took his first step on Mother's day and will usually take a couple of steps before falling down. He's definitely getting braver about letting go.
He still only has two teeth, but he is eating more and more table foods. He likes broccoli cheese casserole, mashed potatos and baby goldfish. He also learned to drink from a straw this month, and he's really good at it. A lady in the grocery store was completely amazed he could do this.

He still only has a few words in his vocabulary (Mama, Dada, baby, ball, Mimi) but did say Nana and bye-bye today. What is now amazing is his understanding of tons of things we say to him. You tell him "Good Job" he claps, you tell him to go get something and he gets it. His favorite toy is still a ball of any sort, and he knows to put it in the basketball goal. (Of course!) He loves to play hide and seek... I say "where's mama?" and he comes and finds me...he loves it!

He is so sweet most of the time and is a big time mama's boy. I love it!! We have so much fun together and I never thought I could love someone so much. He's growing up and getting so big, but watching him learn and deveop his own personality is soooo much fun. Even though the countdown has begun until his first birthday, I'm planning to cherish his last few days as a BABY!


Jennifer said...

He's looking more and more like a little boy. Can't wait to see you all!

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