Mason's first haircut

Now I realize the kid doesn't have tons of hair, but lately it has been driving me crazy that it was starting to hang over his ears. Plus it really sticks out at times! So I took Mason to Cool Cuts 4 Kids today and had his first hair cut. The lady that cut his hair was a little strange and cut his hair so fast, that if I had blinked I would have missed it. I think she was hurrying because she thought he might throw a fit as I guess some kids do. Mason was perfect...he just sat there watching everything that was going on and never made a sound. He really loved that the car he was sitting in, had a steering wheel. Before we could enjoy it for a sec and make a big deal about was over...and I had just paid $16 for a few snips of the scissors and a 3 minute hair-TRIM! Oh well you only have a first haircut once. Great job little look handsome.