First Birthday Party

We had a great turnout for Mason's first birthday party yesterday. I decided to got with baby dinosaurs as the theme for the party and bright colors as you can see. The party was from 2 to 4 and we ended up waking Mason from a nap about 1:45. He was definitely quite cranky for the early part of the party and I think he was a little scared about all the people in his house. He did NOT want to wear his birthday hat. He would NOT let me put him down, and when it was time to do the cake he would NOT sit in his high-chair. So he sat in my lap and wondered why everyone was looking at him and singing to him. He did NOT dig into his cake and cried when I tried to feed him some. I thought it was funny but of course he did not. I was definitely disappointed with the lack of interest in his birthday cake, but the boy is a picky eater.

He did finally get used to all the wonderful people who came to see him, and showed everyone how he could walk & play. Since Mason loves to hit things with the bat, we even had a little pinata. The older kids loved it. Mason got so many cool's the run down...
A four-wheeler, a little tikes car, basketball and crayons for the bath tub, clothes, money, gift cards, puzzles, books, hippo piano, alphabet pal learning catepillar, mega-blocks wagon, a new big-boy car seat, a dinosaur that moves, a beach towel, a inflatable car for the pool, sunglasses, giraffe guitar, crawl tunnel, and balls, balls and more balls!

Kasie and Robby got Mason 200 play balls to put in his inflatable pool for a ball pit. He loves throwing them, catching them, kicking them, hitting them, dumping them, and putting them everywhere!


Kasie said...

Yay! The tunnel!

Kasie said...

Oh, and I like your new layout - it looks a little like mine. BLUE!

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