Mason is ONE!

Look how far we've come...our little guy is officially no longer a baby, he is a one year old. Time flies when you are having fun and we feel a great sense of accomplishment for surviving our first year of being parents. It definitely wasn't easy, but well worth every second.

Mason weighs about 20 pounds and is about 30 in. tall. We go to the doctor on Friday to get the official numbers. He is wearing 12 month clothes, but some of the shorts still seem big because he is so skinny. He wears size 3 diapers and size 4 to 5 shoes. He is still a light eater, but is interested in trying most everything we eat. He has showed some interest in feeding himself with the spoon and that gets pretty messy. We gave him whole milk for the first time tonight at dinner. He seemed to like it. We will be so glad to say goodbye to expensive formula. Mason is walking everywhere and getting quite fast at it. The faster he goes the more he falls of course, but he loves walking like a big boy. His newest thing is sitting on things...he thinks it is so funny to sit on random objects. He is also getting good at climbing. He can get on and off the little plastic four-wheeler he got for his birthday and can get in and out of the car Mimi got for him too! He hasn't added too many words to his vocabulary, but now points and says "ahh" to the things he wants but doesn't know how to say. He says mama, dada, mimi, bye-bye, baba (bottle), hi, and a weird version of puppy. He say "whoa" instead of uh-oh...he sounds like a surfer dude when he says it. He has started squealing when we take something from him or keep him from doing something he really wants to do. A wonderful sign of things to come. He has a very stubborn personality and can be quite demanding at times, but he is also quite funny and charming too.

Happy Birthday little man! We love you!

Tune in tomorrow to see everything we did on his big day!


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