Fourth of July

So it's been like a decade since I've blogged but here goes. We have been super busy as I'm sure everyone else has too. Life with a one-year-old is a different kind of hard...non-stop, always on-the-go hard. We had a terrific "Fourth" at Chris' parents lakehouse. They had their family reunion on the fourth, so the day was full of lots of people...many of which had not seen Mason since the reunion last year when he was only 3 weeks old...he's definitely changed just a little! That night we sat in the screened-in area of the boathouse and watched fireworks. Mason liked the sight but not the sound! He fell asleep sitting in my lap while we were out there. He's turning into quite the little boy...but still a mama's boy for now!


Sarah said...

Randi, he is so adorable. And it is so fun watching our little boys up at the same time! I so know what you mean about the busy, busy boy. WOW.

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