My First

Well, I have been inspired by friends to start this blog. I am in a perfect place in my LIFE to start something new like this and I certainly have lots to share with FAMILY and FRIENDS.

CHRIS (my husband) and I have a tons of stuff going on right now. We are currently expecting a BABY BOY in June and are waiting to move into our new house in just a couple of weeks. So many things coming up that it makes my head spin just thinking about it. This blog will be the perfect outlet for a hormonal PREGNANT woman who's trying to juggle working, moving into a new house, and preparing for the arrival of her first baby. Wow what a ride it will be!

I went for my OB check-up today with Dr. Boyd and she said everything was "perfect." Yep that's right, she actually said I was PERFECT. I wasn't thinking perfect when I stepped on that scale, but I guess there are worse things. She didn't say anything about it so I'm good, right? Baby's heart rate (142 bpm ), my blood pressure, my size, baby's size, blood work... all right on track and "couldn't be better" she said. So far so good, and since I'm now 29 weeks she wants to start seeing me every 2 weeks. "Now the FUN begins" she said, and I personally can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Mimi is sooo excited!!!