Wiggle Room

My mom took this picture of me yesterday. I'm 30 weeks.

We only had a couple surgeries this morning, so not too bad. The baby has been moving around all day. Usually he moves mostly in the morning and at night, but today he has been active all day. I think his amount of WIGGLE room is shrinking.
This afternoon, we had a walk-through on our new house. They really just have to finish the fence, and we're supposed to close on Friday. Hooray! I can't hardly wait to start putting Mason's ROOM together. I'll finally get to open and put together his crib. Afterwards, Chris went fishing at the ponds in the neighborhood and I took a nap. I'm afraid I might never see Chris again once we move in. Fishing within walking distance is his favorite thing about our new house.


Whitney said...

I love fishing, we have a lake right near our house too. That's awesome about your new house, congrats!