The latest news

Well I had my weekly OB appointment yesterday and she said I am a "fingertip" dilated. Last time I checked that's not an actual number. Since last week I was zero...I guess she thought maybe if she said I was a "fingertip" that I might feel like I was making some progress. I know better. I also know that he has not dropped much because this "checking" business still really hurts. She did say she thought he was in the right position and currently between 7 and 7 1/2 pounds. I'd prefer he not be much bigger than that. I go back next Thursday and we may be talking induction at that point, if nothing happens between now and then.

Chris' youngest brother Chad is in from New York City this weekend. We totally suprised his parents by asking them to come see us and suprising them with Chad being here. It was hilarious. He also shared the news with them at dinner, that he had gotten a promotion within his company and will be moving back to Texas. His parents couldn't decided if he was being serious or not. That too was quite funny. His mom thought we were playing some cruel joke on her. It is true, and we are so excited Chad and Falon will be close by to see baby Mason a lot more often. Maybe we could even talk them into baby-sitting once or twice.


Almost time

Over the holiday weekend, we spent some time working on the house. Saturday night we went to Dave & Buster's to celebrate Kasie's birthday. You forget how much fun arcade games can be. We played racing games, Skee ball, etc. I even gave myself a work-out playing a full-size basketball shooting game. Let's just say "the belly" gets in the way of my jump shot. I also made Chris get in the photo booth, where they morph your pictures into a picture of your future child. It was pretty cute.

Sunday we went to Ikea looking for a TV stand for the new TV and whatever else we could find for the house. We bought a TV cabinet that ended up being too narrow for the DVD player and the other components. Oh well... I did get swollen feet from our long trip through Ikea.

Monday, one of the docs in our office invited people over for a pool party. It was nice getting together with everyone outside of the office. BUT... it wasn't a lot of fun watching everyone drink beer and swim, while my fat, sober butt sat poolside with her swollen cankles in the water. Yippee!

On a baby note...
panic mode has officially set in, as I realize our baby is coming any day now. While I am extremely excited, I just don't know how ready I am to put my entire life on hold. Things are busy at work, and I feel bad leaving them with extra work because of me. People at the hospital are becoming more and more suprised to see me in surgery, but I think it's great to continue suprising them. And other than a few hot spells when we have to wear lead aprons, it's been ok. I get really hot...really easily...I guess the hormones are going crazy. I feel fine overall. I have another OB appt tomorrow so I'll let you know how it goes.


Baby Goodies

It's been too long since I've blogged...I know. I have been so busy with work and getting the house ready for the baby. Luckily I have tons of new stuff to fill the babies room and closet. I will eventually post everything people have given or sent me on here...but believe me it will take a while.

Last Friday, they had a shower for me at work. We played some fun games and had cake too. Mason got lots of really adorable clothes, diapers and other goodies. It was nice that everyone stayed and celebrated with me. I truly enjoy everyone I work with. They are genuinely great people. Check out the stuff I got.

I have also had a OB visit since I last wrote. I went on Monday (5/19) and everything was fine with the baby. She "checked" me and said that I was not dilated and still "closed" but that I was 50% effaced which I guess is some progress. On a side note...I had a couple people tell me the "check" would be uncomfortable...but can I just say, WOW what an understatement! It was flat out painful, but I suppose that should start to prepare me for the pain to come... I'm gonna try not to think about it for now!


Happy Mother's Day!

Many of you know that I have the most incredibly talented and creative mom around. So I wanted to show off some of the stuff from the nursery that she, of course, has made. The bedding, the artwork, the curtains, etc. She has always put others before herself, especially her kids and now her soon-to-be grandson. Countless hours of her spare time have been devoted to making things for the baby and thus doing things for me! Thanks're the best! I love you and it's because of you that I can't wait to become a mom myself. Not too much longer!


Happy 30th Birthday, Chris!

Just wanted to take a minute to say Happy 30th Birthday to my wonderful husband. He's as terrific today at 30 as he was when I met him at 17! I love him just as much too! He's accomplished a great deal in just 30 years and I'm so proud to be his wife. This is a big year for him...he's turning thirty and becoming a daddy. I bet that makes him feel pretty OLD! I won't give him too much grief, because it will be my turn soon. So happy birthday sweety...I love you very much.


Baby Shower

Courtney, Me & Jennifer

I had the most fantastic baby shower yesterday. It was hosted by my two best friends Jennifer and Courtney at a tea shop in Dallas. It was so cute and we got soooo many gifts which you will see below. I had to set them all up so you could get the full effect. They asked on the invitation for everyone to bring a book instead of a card, which is such a clever idea. Now I have so many adorable books to read to Mason. I was so grateful for everyone that came and it still amazes me how generous they all are! I feel ready for Mason now, thanks to all my wonderful friends and family.

Diaper cake my mom made